Herbal Magick by Gerina Dunwich


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A Guide to herbal enchantments, folklore, and divination.
Forward by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, the author of “The Green Witch.”

“A Fantastic collection of historical and magical lore from a variety of sources that informs and inspires.  I wish it had existed when i began my own journey as a green witch”  Arin Murphy-Hiscock.

The art and practice of herbal magick is an ancient tradition rooted in pagan lore. In Herbal Magick, Gerina Dunwich, the author of dozens of books on Wicca and witchcraft, shows how to use the roots, flowers, and bark of common plants for practical magick. The book reveals the well-guarded secrets of herbal enchantments and the history of herbal folklore, along with a satisfying, easy-to-follow guide to casting herbal spells. Herbal Magick is an invaluable reference for beginners and advanced students of the Magical Arts.

The Author, Gerina Dunwich is a professional astrologer and author best known for her books on witchcraft and spirituality. Her articles, poetry, and interviews have appeared in numerous publications.

Chapters on: Pagan Herb Lore, Herbal Superstitions, Herbal Divination, Tasseography, Healing by Root And Flower, Herbs Of The Ancient Sorcerers, and 8 more.

240 Pages.
6×7 3/4″

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