Peak Linen Tester 6x Magnifcation Metric


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Peak 1006SA3 Linen Tester Folding Magnifier.
Precision made Black aluminium magnifying glass.
The Peak 1006SA3 has a single 6 x lens.
Linen testers were originaly designed for looking at the qality and number of threads in linen.
The folding nature of the testers linked with a scale meant they became widely used by any profession requiring mesuring of small items.
Widely loved by photographers looking at transparencies.

The Specs

Magnification    6 x
Frame    Aluminium
Field of view 25 x 25 mm
Measuring length     25 mm.
Scale 1 mm.
Lens Bi-convex
Size open 53 x 38 x 51 mm
Weight 42 grams

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