Replica Coppergate Helmet. (Pillaging Apparel)


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High Quality Authentic Coppergate Helmet. (Pillaging Apparel)

Based on the rare find of a Viking era helmet from York in the UK.
This reproduction is a close copy to the 8th century original.
It has been hand made from steel ( 18 Gauge) and brass and has all the features 

of the original, such as hinged cheek pieces and adjustable “spider” leather lining and chin strap.
The neck chain mail is zinc plated.
The brass band on the crest of the helmet bears the latin inscription” IN NOMINIE  DNI NOSTRI IHV SCS SPS DI ET OMNIBVS DECEMUS AMEN OSHERE XPI

This translates to ” In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and of the spirit of God offer us Oshere to all Saints. Amen”

The Coppergate helmet is a fully functional helmet and can be worn or used as a fantastic display piece.
It is not recommended for any form of combat.

Height: (including chainmail) 30cm
Length: 25cm
Width: 23cm
Weight: 4300g