Sugar Loaf Knights Helmet


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Sugar Loaf Helmet

The  Sugar Loaf Helmet is hand crafted from 18 gauge steel and decorated with a brass cross.
It has an adjustable chin strap and a leather inner which is also adjustable.
The helmet can be worn, used as a great display piece on its own or mounted on a wooden display stand.
Also available from A12North. (pure coincidence!)

Historically The Sugar Loaf helmet got its name from the packaging sugar came in.Chronologicaly it came later than the Great Helm. The Sugar Loaf helmet was used throughout the 13th and 14th Centuries. This style of helmet saw use in many famous battles of the period and was also worn by Crusaders. The domed top was much better at deflecting blows than the flat topped Great Helms.

Height: 35cm
Depth: 26cm
Width: 21cm
Circumference: 73cm
Weight: 2084g