The Great Seal Of Queen Victoria. Obverse.


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Queen Victoria reigned as Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from  1819  to 1901  SHer reigned of 63 years and 216 days.
In 1876 she was given the title of Empress of India.
The seal of Queen Victoria depicts her throned holding the Orb and Sceptre whilst wearing a crown.
The throne is canopied and the queen has two ladies in waiting either side of her.
The border of the great seal has a foliar design.

The seal is around around 15 cm in diameter and around 1cm + thick.
It weighs around 400gms.
The reverse of the seal has a wall hanger.
The original seal is in the Public Records Office in London.
A mold was taken from this in the 1970s.
Our highy detailed replicas are made from a hand poured Polyresin.
All of the seals are hand finished.

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