The Seal Of The Province Of Carolina


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The seal of the Carolinas was in use from 1663-1707.
It depicts two Native Americans along with many traditional heraldic images such as a deer and knights helmet.
It bears the latin inscription around the bourder of  “Magnum Sigillug Carolnae Dominorum” which means “The great seal of the dominium of Carolina”
During the time this seal was in use the province of Carolina was far greater in size than just the current North and South Carolina.

The seal is around around 8 cm in diameter and around 1cm + thick.
It weighs around 120gms.
The reverse of the seal has a wall hanger.
The original seal is in the Public Records Office in London.
A mold was taken from this in the 1970s.
Our highy detailed replicas are made from a hand poured Polyresin.
All of the seals are hand finished.

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