Backwood Looking Beast Brooch (Medium)


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This is a  version of an archaeological find discovered in the Coppergate area of York.
The original dates back to the C10
York was a Viking capital for the Viking invaders and people like Ivor the Boneless and his chums from the great heathen army would have been there.
The brooch depicts a backward-looking beast which is quite a common design in Viking age brooches.

The brooch is fitted with a heavy-duty pin that is re-enactment friendly. Ideal for hefty woolen garments.
it is made hand made and finished from solid pewter.

The Brooch is made by Asgard, who have been making historically inspired pieces and replicas since 2002.
They are primarily based in Scotland and have a second base in York.


Weight: 10gms
Size 33mm in diameter.


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