Man With Head Ache


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Resin Replica Of The Man With Headache Carving.
These reproduction carvings belong to a set of four carvings with a medical theme that were commissioned to copy some very large original medieval carvings from within Lincoln Cathedral. Acclaimed artist, designer maker Nick Hunter took on the project to replicate these carvings in a smaller version but keeping the artistry and values of the originals. This portrait shows a medieval man with his hands held to his head. One can see from the expression upon his face he has a severe headache or mental illness. The reproduction is highly detailed and is a true piece of sculpture. This cast replica captures all the fine detail from the original oak carving., the carving is designed to be wall mounted and comes with a wall fixing and product label.

Size (H) 12cm x (W) 12cm

These replicas are made by making a mould from the original carvings and then make a cast from resin. These are extremely close to the original and show all the cracks and wood grain.All the replicas are hand painted and finished.