St Columba : Lewis Chess Piece Inspired.


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Inspired by the Isle of Lewis chess pieces.
The history bonkers team decided to create a chess piece that never existed but should have!
This piece is of St Columba or Colum Cille in Gaelic.
He was born in the year 520 (ish)in Ireland, he started trouble with the King of Ireland.
By the time he was 42 he had become a Christian and traveled to Scotland to preach the gospels and convert the Picts.
He founded the Monastery on the Island of Iona which still is a hugely significant religious site.
At one point of time during a trek into the interior of Scotland along the Banks of Loch Ness,
He encountered the monster of the loch who was busy trying to eat a person.
A few words from Columba and the monster turned tail and left his victim behind.
My favorite fact about the Saint is, Cows were not allowed on the Island, as where there’s a cow there’s a milkmaid, and women meant trouble!
Hand made item. Resin cast then hand finished. Matt finish.
Around 10cm tall or a little over 4″.
St Columba can clearly be seen clutching his Gospel and holding his crozier.

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